• Joanna Broomfield

10 Plant-Based Facebook Groups in Thailand You Should Join

Sometimes seeing just one delicious and easy plant-based recipe or one drool worthy picture of someone else's dinner on your facebook feed to inspire you to eat more plant-based food. Or maybe you're looking for opinions from like-minded people on the best plant-based noodles or pizza in town.

Join a few of our favourite plant-based facebook groups in Bangkok and Thailand and fill your news feed with plantastic inspiration!

1. Vegan Of Thailand - 16k members

2. Vegans of Bangkok - 3k members

3. Thai Plant Based Recipes - 6k members

4. Plant-based​ Lifestlye คุยเฟื่องเรื่องแพลนต์เบสต์ - 6k members

5. Vegan Thailand - 7k members

6. รวมสูตรและร้านอาหารเจ Vegan Thai - 14k members

7. ครัวอาหารเจและมังสวิรัติบริสุทธิ์Vegan of Thai - 4k members

8. กินผักใครๆ ก็กินได้ (Vegetarian Society of Thailand) - 6k members

9. ชมรมคนกิน เจ ( VegSource Group ) - 19k members

10. ร้านอาหารมังสวิรัติ / เจ / Vegan / Raw Food ทั่วไทย - 14k members

Bonus Group!

Join our Eat Today Save Tomorrow group!

Share a picture of a plant-based meal you ate today and show the world how easy it is to change our future and save our planet. Be sure to tag @RootTheFuture and use the hashtag #EatTodaySaveTomorrow

A special prize goes to the most liked picture every month!

Just one plant-based meal a day can substantially reduce our carbon and water footprint, put a stop to deforestation and encourage vital changes to our food system.




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